We are all following how Corona continues to expand in Europe and worldwide. It's time to act - and we are all in demand. You can support your community in three ways.

Together in times of Corona.

Our Mission.

We are all following how Corona continues to expand in Europe and worldwide. We watch as well-prepared healthcare systems reach their limits despite hard-working staff. It's time for action - and we are all in demand: with Helpunity we can support each other.

Offering / asking for help

Helpunity brings together those who need help with those who want to help. You're in quarantine and need someone to leave groceries outside your door? You have to work and nobody is looking after your children on Corona holidays? Send a call for help in your area. You don't have any jobs right now anyway and you want to help those who need help? See what you can do in your area. Helping has never been so easy.


If your organization wants to support us, please contact

How can I help?

On this platform we would like to gather everyone who wants to help in any way. Be it as local helpers, who for example go shopping, as financial supporters, who share our server costs, organisational talents or as idea givers, who initiate further projects. This platform is also intended to provide an overview of ongoing crowdfundings: there is not only one crowdfunding to keep this platform running, but others to support all those who are currently experiencing financial difficulties due to event cancellations and work absences due to Corona.


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